Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've Moved The BookShare to

I've moved The BookShare to  An Open Mic session at Blogging Without a Blog, convinced me.  Worst case scenario, I'll move it back.  Best case scenario, I'm on a better path.   I'm sure I've made a bunch of mistakes so far, but I figure it's a great experiment and I'll learn a lot.

Sources of Insight
I've named the blog Sources of Insight for two reasons:

  • Too many folks told me that The BookShare is a lame name.
  • I want to expand the scope from just books to more sources of insight(mentors, heroes, role models, quotes, ... etc.)

You can expect that Sources of Insight will be a browsable collection of nuggets:

  • A reference library of insight and wisdom from key books along with how I've applied it.
  • A reference library of heroes, role models and mentors.
  • A reference library of insightful, inspirational, and practical quotes.
  • A reference library of lessons learned.

The Mission
The mission stays the same.  I'll continue to share nuggets of insight and action for work and life.  I'll continue to draw from the best sources I can find.  Real results for real people. 

The Vision
The world's best collection of insight for work and life.

The Approach
Basically, I model the best.  I ask the most successful people I know, what books, people or lessons changed their lives.  I test the knowledge against real-world scenarios.  I share the lessons with my mentees.  It's a continuous process of improvement.  I stand on the shoulders of giants and I draw from the wisdom of the ages.

Measures of Success
My measures of success at this point is pretty simple:

  • Users who need the blog, can find the blog.
  • Users can easily find relevant posts that help them.
  • Users can easily consume the posts.

What's Going Well
So far, users have said:

  • The name is more exciting.
  • The idea of the blog is compelling.
  • The look and feel of the theme is an improvement.
  • Posts are more readable and consumable in the new theme.
  • The pictures help.

What's Not Going Well
Here's what's not going so well:

  • The blog has no page rank.
  • The pages aren't indexed by Google.
  • I have a long process of fixing my links between posts.
  • I have lots of posts to add pictures too.
  • I don't know the template very well and I'm not familiar with all the Wordpess widgets and features.

I figure I have more blog time ahead of me than behind me, so I'm gradually fixing the issues.

See you at Sources of Insight.  Wish me luck!


Barbara Swafford said...

Good Luck J.D.

I have no doubt your new home will do fantastically.

I'm headed there to check it out.

J.D. Meier said...

Thanks Barbara -- see you there!