Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Measure of Success

In A Simple Statement: A Guide to Nonprofit Arts Management and Leadership, Jamie Grady writes about measuring success.

Measure Success Against the Mission and Vision
Grady writes about how the mission and vision guide success:

For a nonprofit organization, making a profit is not necessarily the definitive measure of success, nor is an increased budget size or staff. The evaluation of success lies in the mission and vision statements and is particular to that organization. Success may represent an increase in audience, in the number of people served by a particular program, or in artistic quality. Success is also measured by the progress the company has made in fulfilling its vision. Success is measured in the short term by the accomplishments of goals and objectives and how those accomplishments have moved the organization closer to its vision.

Vision is an Image of Success
Grady writes how the vision is an image of success:

Vision statements give the organization and its employees an image of success. Without the need to succeed, people and organizations would never reach their full potential. Reaching the company's full potential is what a vision statement is all about.

Key Take Aways
Here's my key take aways:
  • Measure your success against your mission and vision. Use progress against your vision as a yardstick to measure success.
  • Your vision is an image of success. This is a reminder that your success, begins with the vision.

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